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Maya Rudolph’s Pregnancy Is Completely Ruining Up All Night’s Chances of Being Saved

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

NBC has been trying to patch together its leaky newspaper boat of a television network any way it can, even if that means, say, pushing forward with the subverted gender role parenting sitcom Up All Night without star Christina Applegate. After all, Will Arnett's still game, and the five people who watched Arrested Development like Will Arnett. Maya Rudolph is up for another go-round, too, and people really like Maya Rudolph. Two out of three series stars isn't bad, but just when the show was planning a one-episode series reboot, Rudolph announced that she's pregnant with her fourth child with director Paul Thomas Anderson. Writers were going to scribble in a pregnancy subplot, but now it seems like show's writers are just saying, "Ugh, fuck it — let's try to save Community or something." While not quite dead yet, Up All Night is almost certainly slumped over in the plague wheelbarrow. [THR]

  • Hugh Grant decided that he wouldn't let a seedy tabloid steal his newborn announcing thunder, so he tweeted that his wife Tinglan Hong has given birth to the couple's second child, a baby boy. [Telegraph]
  • Beyoncé told Oprah and the three people still watching OWN that she definitely wants another beybey. [NYDN]
  • And where better to raise a young child than at the late Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch? Bey and Jay reportedly toured the Southern California estate last year. [Page Six]
  • Anne Dexter-Jones — that would be the mother of former Lindsay Lohan paramour Samantha Ronson — says she saw the inimitable Lindsay Lohan throw a tantrum while Ronson was DJing once. Fingers crossed that it was at a wedding being held in a nondescript New Jersey banquet hall. [NYDN]
  • This is a video of Leonardo DiCaprio slowly becoming Bill Murray's character from Lost in Translation. [ONTD]
  • Blink-182's drummer Travis Barkeris pulling out of the band's Australian Tour. Your middle-school-aged, Australian inner child is sort of bummed. [News AU]
  • It's tax season, which means that Mary J. Blige is facing a $900,000 tax lien in the ironically California-shaped state of New Jersey. [TMZ]
  • Kris Humphries would miss the NBA playoffs for a chance to humiliate Kim Kardashian in court. The Brooklyn Nets would let Kris Humphries miss the NBA playoffs for a chance to advance in the NBA playoffs. [TMZ]
  • Brent Spiner, the pasty guy who played Data on Star Trek: The Next Generation as well as the whacky Area 51 scientist who almost for sure finger-banged one of the hibernating aliens in Independence Day, says he cheated on his online driver's test and can take all California residents through a step-by-step process of how to lie to the state about their atrocious driving skills. [TMZ]
  • Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney is feuding with Justin Bieber. It is lame. The end. [TMZ]