Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and Co. Could Be Subpoenaed Over Fyre Festival

Screenshot: Fyre Festival

May the Fyre Festival fyallout never fyade! (I see now that that did not work, but I won’t change it.) Kendall Jenner’s company, and the modeling agencies that represent Bella Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski, could be subpoenaed as part of the ongoing bankruptcy lawsuit. And if THAT happens, who knows what we’ll find out!

According to TMZ,

A judge gave the green light Monday for the companies repping the models to be subpoenaed ... potentially forcing them to fork over documents related to payments made by Fyre. As you know, festival organizer Billy McFarland hired a gang of models to hype up the event.

The subpoenas are part of an investigation as authorities try to unravel where approximately $26 million in investor money was spent before the festival came to a crashing halt, and Fyre Festival LLC went bankrupt. Specifically, the trustee wants answers on $5.2 million in payments made to agencies and artists.


Whenever I watch that trailer, I remember that maybe if they had just resisted the urge to say “once owned by Pablo Escobar,” they could have just KEPT the original island and none of this would have happened? But THEN where would we be?


Ohmygod, can you even BELIEVE that Kanye West performed his OWN song at karaoke? You...can? You’ve never been less surprised by anything? Does he even know any other songs?

Good questions, all.

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