Finally, the AMA that we have always dreamed of has arrived. Maury Povich, paternity test prophet and harbinger of lie detector tests, recently answered questions for viewers at Reddit. One fan asked the 76-year-old talk show host what was the most memorable thing to have occurred on his long-running program and it was related to paternity, unsurprisingly.

Povich explained:

It’s happened twice. A woman accused a guy of being the father of her twins. And when I opened the envelope —and I don’t know the answers before anybody else does —he was the father of one of the twins, but not the other. And they were fraternal twins. And science says that’s a million-to-one shot, that there could be two fathers of twins. And it’s happened twice. So the million-to-one shot has come in twice. And that’s the most surprised I ever was.

UPROXX describes the rare occurrence as superfecundation (the sound of it is something quite atrocious), which is when two or more eggs are fertilized by sperm from different men during the same ovulation cycle. Half-siblings just hanging out in the same womb.

Povich also talks about his experience as a young journalist covering the JFK assassination, how he came up with his signature saying, “You are NOT the father!” and even doles out some romantic advice.


Married to news reporter Connie Chung for over 30 years, Povich said the following in regards to a question about lessons he’s learned from his show’s guests:

Well, I’ll tell ya—it could apply to the guests on my show. It’s okay to argue, and it’s okay to have separate feelings from each other, in terms of subject matter, and argue, and things like that. But you’ve GOT to make up before the head hits the pillow at night.

And also, I’ve learned (unfortunately a lot of my guests haven’t with the lie detector show) you’ve got to give your significant other a long leash, and have a lot of trust in them, so they can remain independent and you are a couple at the same time.


Maury has been an American television treasure since 1998.

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