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Matthew Fox Wants Kate And Juliet "At The Same Time"

Much like Evangeline Lilly did last week, Matthew Fox sat down with Fallon to answer some rapid-fire questions. The big "reveal:" Fox says the glowing yellow light is "the source of all life." Well, glad that's cleared up.


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My best friend and I have fought for six seasons over Jack, who has been the equivalent of an overly earnest and whiny synth pop song to me, and the best of REM's college radio output to her. However, Matthew Fox here was charming, funny, and ridiculously charismatic. This just caps a final season in which Jack has finally shown some warmth, humor and humility, after years of being dour, stubborn and self-righteous, with a Messiah complex to boot. Damn you, Foxy! Way to rehab your own and your character's images!

As for my own preferences, there is no 'or' here. Jack (I always thought he was hot when he wasn't talking), Sawyer, Sayid and Jin, all at the same time, with Boone, Charlie, Mr. Eko and Richard waiting on the bench to come into the game later as reserves. And Desmond solo as my version of an end-zone celebration dance...