Matt Weiner Finalizes Mad Men Deal

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AMC, Lionsgate, and Matt Weiner have finally reached a deal that will bring back Mad Men for two seasons. Plus, no characters will be killed off! (January Jones is breathing a sigh of relief.)


Weiner will be paid $10 million per season, and they've come to a compromise on the commercials. The first and last episodes of season five will run 47 minutes, and the rest will be 45 minutes long. Weiner can add an extra two minutes to the episodes, but the bonus scene will only run on DVD, iTunes, and video on demand. Due to the delayed negotiations, the show probably won't be back until March 2012.

Weiner told New York magazine, "I'm thrilled. It was an education for sure, but I get to make the show the way I want to, and that's all that matters. It was never about the money." He added that he plans to start writing tomorrow. "I have some ideas," he said. "But I'm going to have a monastic four or five weeks before the rest of the writers come in. I'm just so happy that I get to do what I do. And I love doing it."

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So many questions. Will the show live in "real time" and skip a year? That could mean lots of expository scenes (boring) or scenes where the viewer reads between the lines to figure out what happened (much more interesting). When did last season end? The Beatles were at Shea Stadium. 1965? Restart the story in 1967 or 1968? The Summer of Love or Nixon running for president? I have to wait a year??!! Arghhhhh.