Matt Damon Loves His Wife, But Kind Of Hates The Whole Marriage Thing

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A commenter tipped us off to a slightly wacky Matt Damon quote from a recent Hollywood Reporter interview wherein Damon simultaneously notes that he loves his wife and seems to imply that marriage itself is kind of terrible:

THR: Has marriage changed you?

Damon: Yeah, I think so. Somebody said to me recently, "Wow, you really love marriage," and I said, "No, I think marriage is ridiculous; I think it's a totally ridiculous idea." I love being married to my wife — she's the best thing that ever happened to me, but if she ever left me, I wouldn't do it again. Because it's crazy — to spend your life with one person and not be totally driven crazy.


Well! That won't be awkward for his wife to read at all, I'm sure.

American Cinematheque: Matt Damon [Hollywood Reporter]

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A Small Turnip

This is why you don't talk to journalists about your private life. Stupid stuff will come out of your mouth, they will write it down and print it in their newspaper. And then your spouse or parent or child will read it, and tell you you're an ass.

My grandfather was a well-known public personage, and the best advice he ever gave was Keep professional interviews professional. You don't need to tell a journalist how you take your coffee, let alone anything else.