Matt Damon Isn't Cool Enough For Brooklyn

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Image via Getty.

Matt Damon and his wife, Luciana Barroso, were unable to use the success of this summer’s Jason Bourne to get their three daughters—Isabella, Gia, and Stella—into St. Ann’s, an exclusive private school (with tuition costing between $36,080 and $42,555 a year per student) in Brooklyn.


Reports Page Six:

“They had a conversation with the school, but St. Ann’s just won’t bend the rules,” said an insider. “They don’t care [who the parents of its students are]. A lot of schools will bend the rules very happily; they’ll bring celebrities’ kids in midway through the year or do whatever they want. St. Ann’s just isn’t doing it.”

Do you think the headmaster or headmistress or whoever is in charge there took one look at Damon and said, “Nuh-uh-uh, sir. We’ve all seen the way you behaved in School Ties.” I do.

[Page Six]

Barbra Streisand is going to sing at an “LGBT-focused fundraiser for Hillary Clinton,” which is one of the gayest things that I am capable of imagining right now. Page Six reports “tickets start at $1,200 and go to $10,000" and that full tables “are going for up to $250,000.”

They continue:

Those who raise six-figure sums get to join a VIP reception and are allowed a photo with Hillary — there’s no word on whether Babs will join for the photos.


If Babs doesn’t pose alongside Hillary, there are going to be do I put this...very angry rich people she’ll need to deal with.

[Page Six]

Is this a video of Malia Obama SMOKING THE WEED?!?!

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(with tuition costing between $36,080 and $42,555 a year per student)