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Master Negotiator J. Lo in Talks For a $26M Vegas Residency

Illustration for article titled Master Negotiator J. Lo in Talks For a $26M Vegas Residency

Jennifer Lopez might be headed to Las Vegas for a residency. TMZ's angle is that her salary per performance is higher than that of Britney Spears, which wouldn't be much of a surprise since J. Lo and her people are evidently aces at negotiating.


According to an alleged contract that landed in TMZ's inbox:

Jennifer is being offered a whopping $350,000 per show at The Axis, Planet Hollywood ... the same place Britney is performing.

Britney is making a paltry $310K a show. But Britney will ultimately score more than J. Lo because her contract provides she'll do 96 shows over 2 years. J. Lo will do 72 shows, 3 times a week for 24 weeks over a 1 or 2 year period — the contract leaves that open.

So, in the end, Britney is guaranteed $29,760,000 for the 2-year run. J. Lo will be guaranteed $26,383,326.


I'm hoping a Janet Jackson residency isn't far behind. Vocal limitations aside, Lo (my new name for her) would bring solid theatrics and a killer wardrobe to a Vegas show if it happens. This is an older example, but I'm okay with reliving it:

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Is J.Lo popular enough to warrant that kind of deal? I'm pretty sure the last time she had a true-blue hit was back when she was one half of Bennifer and singing with Ja Rule.