Massive Swarm Of Bees Attacks Picnicking Crowd, Apocalypse Imminent

Photo Credit: Getty Images
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Today in Nature Is Fucking Terrifying: a colossal swarm of bees descended upon a family reunion in Cerritos, California, stinging over 20 people. Three were hospitalized as a result of the attack.

The New York Post reports that the bees unleashed their fury on Saturday evening in Cerritos Regional Park, roughly 20 miles from Los Angeles. One witness told CBS that the number of bees was vast — “It was thousands,” he said. Those with long hair seemed to be particular targets.

The bees seem to have emerged from an underground utility box and, thankfully, dispersed within the hour. Those hospitalized are also expected to recover without any issues. So, what could have been the makings of a horror film come to life is — well, slightly less terrible.


Take care at your Labor Day barbecues, babies.

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Darth Mole

First off, I love bees. Like LOVE them. They’re amazing and absolutely vital to our existence and economy. I’m not overstating things in the slightest.

They don’t just attack. Someone was screwing with their hive in some way even if it was inadvertent. And the fact that they were flying around doesn’t mean they were attacking. People got stung because they’re idiots. If you start swatting at bees or squash them they’re going to try to sting you.

I'm pretty sure I like bees more than anyone at that picnic or involved in that news story. SMH.