Mary Kay Letourneau Will Share What Makes Her Marriage 'Work'

Mary Kay Letourneau—perhaps America’s most famous convicted statutory rapist—plans to mark the tenth anniversary of her marriage to Vili Fualaau (yes, her former student) with a sit-down interview with Barbara Walters. Brace for another round of really fucking weird and uncomfortable coverage of this case.

There’s a lot going on in this press release from ABC News:

In an exclusive interview with Barbara Walters, Mary Kay Letourneau Fualaau and Vili Fualaau sit down together on the eve of their 10th wedding anniversary, sharing intimate details about their headline-making marriage. Mary Kay Letourneau Fualaau is the former Seattle-area sixth-grade teacher who, at the age of 34, had an affair with her 13-year-old student, Vili Fualaau, and served seven and a half years for their inappropriate relationship. In the candid interview, Mary Kay tells Walters what makes their marriage work in spite of their huge difference in their age. She also discusses her surprising plans to teach again, as well as her intentions to have her status as a registered sex offender lifted. Vili Fualaau, meanwhile, discusses his bouts with alcoholism, depression and why he believes the system failed him while he was still a minor.

Also, for the first time ever, viewers will meet their two teenage daughters, Audrey and Georgia, who are now older than Vili was when he conceived them.

Queasy emphasis all mine. Can’t wait to see what Mary Kay Letourneau has to tell me about making a marriage work, this Friday at 10 p.m.! And then there’s this lede from Extra:

“See the pic!”

Photo via Heidi Gutman/ABC

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