Mary J. Blige Is Finally Getting Her Hollywood Walk of Fame Star

Photo: AP
Photo: AP

Mary J. Blige is getting her Hollywood Walk of Fame star very soon, which is honestly more of a boon for the Hollywood Walk of Fame than it is for Mary J. Blige at this point.


The Grammy Award-winning artist and Mudbound star’s Walk of Fame ceremony will take place on January 11, with an introduction by Sean “Diddy” Combs and Hollywood Chamber president Leron Gubler, Variety reported on Thursday. 


Ana Martinez, producer of the Walk of Frame ceremonies said of the occasion, “Mary J. Blige is one of the most popular singers of our generation. Fans will be thrilled to see her star on the Boulevard as her career milestones are celebrated on this very famous sidewalk.” I wish everyone referred to the Hollywood Walk of Fame as “that very famous sidewalk.” Maybe, in LA, they already do!

Congrats to Blige, who was also recently nominated for a Golden Globe.

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How are we not using this as an opportunity for a dancing Mary J gif party?! I’ll start: