Martha Stewart So Regrets Not Banging Paul Newman and Robert Redford

Illustration for article titled Martha Stewart So Regrets Not Banging Paul Newman and Robert Redford enthusiast Martha Stewart cannot, for the life of her, remember why she didn't try to go down to Pound Town back in her days as a preppy young thing who worked at a pastry shop outside a Ralph Lauren store in Connecticut and occasionally sold Hubbell Gardner scones or whatever. Lady, I feel THAT.

Robert Redford and Paul Newman were in all the time, and I’d just hand them their croissant or tart, and I didn’t even look at them. Can you imagine? I didn’t even think about looking at those guys. I should have, because they’re very handsome."


Marthaaaa! I just SO feel like she's living one of those movies where "[Actress] was a Type A woman who chased her career ambitions until sometime within the last year she went to a Barolo vineyard in Tuscany and met a much younger, shirtless, glistening Italian guy who made her touch dirt and now she's in touch with the Earth/her body/sensuality?" Or have I seen too many movies. [Page Six]

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James Deen, Professional Fornicator and Friend of Women, defended his Backdoor Teen Mom co-star Farrah Abraham even though she griped that he has a "tiny penis" and was basically "just a prop." Mensch-y!

"I think she did an amazing job. I get kind of bummed about society and the fact that just because a chick decides she wants to do a porno, that she needs to be called mean names and stuff and I kind of feel like people should be nicer to her. If she wants to express her sexuality, whatever her motivations for making the adult film may be, I kind of feel like she shouldn’t be ostracized for such decisions. The child was not on set. Her kid was not involved in making any of the adult material. I think just because you have a healthy sexual appetite doesn’t necessarily make you a bad parent in any way, shape or form."

There's video if you want to click through. [Radar Online]

Meanwhile, Backdoor Teen Mom is making a buttload of money. <— GET IT? PUNZ [TMZ]


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Jason Collins, the the first current player in any of the four major U.S. professional sports leagues to come out as gay, will headline the Democratic National Committee's annual LGBT gala this year alongside Michelle Obama. Additionally, after rumors flew that Collins was attempting to barter a book deal — and had already been rejected by one major publisher — he was like, "Nope."



The Ballad of the Rihannaplane (Refresher: Rihanna invited 150 drunk journalists on her 777 tour, consisting of seven concerts in seven countries in seven days, via a 777 aircraft) finally aired on Fox last night in documentary form. “I know this is going to be an experience of a lifetime,” Rihanna says at the beginning of the journey. “It’s gonna be unlike anything we’ve ever experienced.” Sure enough, hanging with a bunch of smelly, drunk MTV writers in the sky and getting annoyed about Rihanna consistently bailing on you is a once-or-even-never-in-a-lifetime thing. [Entertainment Weekly]



Kat Dennings insisted that she had a "non-date" with Drake, which means she had a date with Drake, right? HYFR. [Vulture]

  • The Betty Ford clinic might take Lindsay Lohan's Adderall away because rehab is rehab. [TMZ]
  • Paula Deen may be getting divorced?! If the woman who created the glazed doughnut hamburger can't make it work, none of us have any hope. [National Enquirer]
  • Aw, Christina Aguilera looks great, all dewy and makeupless and shit. [People]
  • Apparently Kanye West is "kind of screaming primally" on his newest album. With this and the Kim/Yoko parallels, he's one pair of circular glasses away from becoming you-know-who. [Vulture]
  • This picture of Jennifer Lawrence touching Sarah Jessica Parker's headdress just before it bites her and scrambles away. [People]
  • This Mariah Carey duet with Miguel is really good. Song of the summer? Can it please PLEASE not be "We Are Young" again? Thx. [Page Six]
  • Natalie Portman and her very very blonde son Aleph went outside. [E!]
  • Matt Groening's mom Margaret, the inspiration for Marge, has passed away at 94. :( [Today]
  • Ellen Degeneres thanked the firefighters who attempted to contain the Camarillo, California wildfire that swept through her property. [E!]
  • The Royal Baby got his/her own lullaby from a British composer who wrote music for Kate and Wills' wedding. It's called "(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party.)" [E!]
  • Helen Mirren, in full Queen Elizabeth regalia, screamed at a bunch of gay guys playing the drums to promote a West End pride parade (they were making noise during her show). [Page Six]
  • Downton Abbey may just keep going for the next six years. [NYDN]
  • Justin Timberlake kept looking up and serenading Jessica Biel in the VIP seats of his Roseland Ballroom concert. So over them. [Page Six]
  • Alanis Morissette wore a bikini bottom that said "Self Love" on the ass. [Us Weekly]

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I just remembered that Robert Redford played Gatsby in the 1970's movie version of the Great Gatsby.

Which begs the question...which "Gatsby" would you guys rather do? Redford or DiCaprio? Personally, I would go for Redford. Leonardo DiCaprio has never done anything for me, especially for the last couple of years. Dude ain't aging very well, and the blonde bimbos he dates aren't helping him look young. He and Johnny Depp are two of the most overrated men in Hollywood if you ask me. However, I do find younger Johnny Depp attractive.