Martha Stewart on Orange Is the New Black: 'It's Not as Good as the Real Thing'

Former resident of Alderson Federal Prison and Facebook Live master Martha Stewart was a guest on Wednesday’s episode of Chelsea Handler’s talk show Chelsea, and one of the topics the two women discuss (behind a coffee table inexplicably covered in apples) is another Netflix property, Orange Is the New Black.

In a clip from the episode, Martha shares that she doesn’t watch the Emmy-winning comedy series. “Too close to home?” Handler asks.

Stewart, without a hint of laughter and as no-nonsense as ever, responds, “Well no, it’s not as good as the real thing. When you live through something like OITNB, the real characters are better.” After Handler asked what she did watch while in the big house, Stewart said:

“In prison, it was BET television at all times. I had to get up really early to watch the news. There’s only one TV available and you have to sit in a room on hard chairs and you look up like this at the TV. So if I wanted to watch the stock market and stuff like that I’d have to get up really early and watch it by myself.”


This is just a roundabout way for Stewart to admit she was totally a Piper.

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