Martha Stewart On Dating Larry David: Money Is No Object

Larry David's divorce from Hollywood environmentalist Laurie David has left many bereft: She was a do-gooder! She softened his coarseness! She provided so much material for Curb Your Enthusiasm! And while some might sit and dwell on secret clues into the unraveling of the David marriage vis-a-vis recent episodes of Curb, others simply look to the future... and that future may be Martha Stewart. Martha had Larry David's Curb co-star Susie Essman on her show today, and after much subtle hinting, she finally came out and confessed it: Now that Larry's single, she's hoping he'll curb her enthusiasm. Clip above.

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martha says naughty words backstage? i really do love her (besides the whole being rich thing, in which case, she can fuck herself) is totally anti-capitalist day for me which you can note by reading my comment on Jerry Seinfelds wife. ack!