Martha Stewart, Luckiest Woman on Earth, Had No Idea Who Jonathan Cheban Is

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Martha Stewart is one of my favorite human beings on this here planet Earth and it’s like she goes out of her way to confirm that my adoration is perfectly placed.


If you’re not already following Martha on Twitter, I suggest you remedy that very quickly. It’s obvious that she does much of the tweeting herself—a refreshing turn for a celebrity like herself—and boy was it clear today when she posited this valid question to her 3.16 million followers.


It’s worth asking: How did we get here?

Where exactly did Martha Stewart stumble upon a photo or story about this man— who I have to assume spends his days waiting in Kris Jenner’s basement until it’s time for him to appear on the show looking pensively at Kim Kardashian while she drones on about some middling, scripted problem in her life.

Was Martha perusing The Daily Mail when she stumbled upon and was very confused by this story about Cheban and his girlfriend? Because Lord knows I was.

We may never know how this tweet came to be, but by the grace of Martha and her God-like onscreen stoicism, we do know how this crisis ended.


Who knew, indeed?! Probably because he is not “very famous” and there is not any practical reason to know who this man is.


All I know is, I’m more jealous of Martha Stewart than I’ve ever been in my entire life—which is saying A LOT—because it took her until 3:22 pm EST on June 22nd, 2016 to learn of Jonathan Cheban’s existence while I’ve been carrying that irritating information around for years. Just another day in this crazy world for Martha Stewart.

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