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Marriage Ref Couple Blames Seinfeld For Divorce

Illustration for article titled emMarriage Ref/em Couple Blames Seinfeld For Divorce

Appearing on The Marriage Ref seemed like good, clean, incredibly hokey fun when Howie Kohlenberg agreed to appear on the premiere episode with his wife Christine. Now a year later, he says she's walked out on their 14-year marriage and 4-year-old son, and "Jerry, Mr. Billionaire, I blame. And his show." Kohlenberg tells the N.Y. Post that they auditioned for the show in the hopes of promoting their spa business and becoming billionaires themselves, but once Christine experienced the glamour of being a reality show contestant, it changed everything:

"The people on the show were pumping us up, saying, 'You're going to wake up and be stars. You're going to be famous and make money.' The producer kept saying her lips looked great, and all of a sudden she was getting a lot of Botox," he recalled.

"Now she's getting this huge head. She wants to do Playboy. We almost got kicked off the show because she was putting racy photos on Facebook.

"I'm not saying our marriage was perfect, but it put it in a whole new direction. It was the nail in the coffin.

"She had all these ideas that 'I have to live my life and be an actress.'"

Well, clearly Jerry Seinfeld is to blame. Won't anyone stop his nefarious plot to lure wives into a glitzy world of excessive Botox and failed Playboy auditions? [Via Videogum]


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Let me get this straight: this guy is personally blaming Seinfeld for end of his marriage, bankruptcy and forthcoming eviction? I just can't imagine why any woman wouldn't want to be married to a guy who's so quick to take no responsibility for his life. Gosh, running a business and raising a child together must be such a treat when every little thing is YOUR fault, not his.

For the record, the only man on the planet with any potential to blame Jerry Seinfeld for his divorce is Eric Neiderlander []