Marriage Annulled After Wife Thinks About Another Man

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Italy's highest court has annulled a marriage for adultery, though the wife just told her husband she'd considered having an affair. She was also denied alimony because she'd discussed the idea of having an open relationship before the wedding.


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Annulment is a Church concept - in that sense, this is reasonable. You can sin in thought as well as action. She also talked about this prior to marriage, which would give credence to the argument that she didn't fully understand her vows. (ETA: Neither did he, obviously, as he married her despite their differing views on fidelity.)

Denying alimony makes sense because annulment essentially means they were never married. You can't get alimony from someone who was never your spouse.

Not that it's not still a ridiculous situation - but I agree that the marriage probably shouldn't have happened in the first place, and from that Catholic standpoint I agree with the ruling.