Mark Penn Defends Men, Idiocy

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Mark Penn decries the rates of male incarceration, alcoholism and educational attainment. Then he whines about the gain in female life expectancy over men's since 1900, failing to note it probably has something to do with the 99% drop in maternal mortality in that time. Fail. [Wall Street Journal, CDC]

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Wah! "More women in the workplace, more female-led families and more sexual equality in general might be expected to cause women to pick up men's bad habits, or be exposed to greater dangers. But for the most part, that hasn't happened." And men are being left behind. Will someone please think of the menz?! And things keep getting worse for the menz: "The appointment of the third woman Supreme Court Justice will be another crack in the glass ceiling that, for thousands of years, has kept women out of the leadership strata. But unless we also focus on the brewing problems with guys at the other end of the spectrum, we just might be creating a newer and deeper basement that a lot of men may never get out of."

Oh noes, women are in leadership roles, now all the guys are being locked in basements!

He's not really even saying men are being repressed but rather surpassed. Women are breaking through sexist barriers and glass ceiling and becoming more educated without picking up destructive behavior in equal numbers (alcoholism, obesity...).