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Marisa Tomei Is One of the Trillion Guest Stars on Empire's Season 2

Illustration for article titled Marisa Tomei Is One of the Trillion Guest Stars on iEmpire/is Season 2

Marisa Tomei will have a guest role on Empire’s second season, and so will Kelly Rowland and Lenny Kravitz, Chris Rock, Alicia Keys and Oprah.


Shooting for Season Two of Empire started in June. Tomei will appear in several episodes as billionaire VC Mimi Whiteman, who “becomes involved in Lyon family drama,” according to Deadline, which notes:

This marks a rare TV series gig for Tomei, who previously did an arc on FX’s Rescue Me. She also is developing a Gloria Steinem miniseries at HBO under her first-look deal with the pay cable network. Tomei is set to star as the famous feminist in the project, which she is producing alongside George Clooney.


Meanwhile, Rowland will cameo as—dunn, dunn, dunn—Lucious’ mom, according to E! News sources:

Last month, Rowland hung out with Empire screenwriters, sparking speculation she may make an appearance on the show.

Mary J. Blige and Courtney Love were among the guests in the first season. The sad, sad Empire drought ends on September 23.

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Lisasaur, Child of Stangle

Should specify that Rowland will play his mother in a flashback...because when I first read she was playing Terrrence Howard’s mom my eyes popped out of my head.