Marion Cotillard’s Polish Accent Sounds German On Purpose, Jeez

That Marion Cotillard is really something, isn’t she? Not only is she a really talented actress who’s more than willing to put up with nearly inarticulate line-readings from Christian Bale and Tom Hardy, she’s also willing to correct an actual Polish woman’s criticism of her Polish accent in the new James Gray movie, The Immigrant.


Gray said in an interview that Cotillard’s Polish accent seemed initially like one of the film’s most daunting challenges, and, nervous about its authenticity, he asked the Polish actress who plays Cotillard’s aunt in the film how accurate the accent was. The actress said that Cotillard had a pretty good Polish accent, but said that it sounded vaguely German. To which Cotillard responded: “I know, my character is from Silesia, which is between Germany and Poland, I’m doing it on purpose.”

Any more questions?

via World of Wonder


I realize that it's for the ease of audience enjoyment, but movies where people talk in accents the entire time instead if the language are weird.

Anyone remember "Enemy at the Gates?" The whole cast gradually slides back into British accents. Lordy.