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Marines Giving Cows To Iraqi Women • Another First Feline Dies

Illustration for article titled Marines Giving Cows To Iraqi Women • Another First Feline Dies

• U.S. Marines are giving dairy cows to widows in Fallujah in hopes that the cows will provide a steady source of income. • A British woman with two wombs is unexpectedly pregnant. •


Liposuction around the midsection does not have the same heart-helping properties as traditional weight loss methods, doctors say. • Two studies from the University of California, Berkeley, have found that mothers who take maternity leave both before and after giving birth require fewer C-sections and have healthier babies. • In the UK's biggest sex discrimination case, a Muslim woman is suing a bank for £16.7 million after accusing two managers of sex, race and religious discrimination. • Screw those what-color-are-you tests, where you sit on a bus is the legit way to determine your personality type. • A new series of short, New Jersey-based soap operas aims to promote safe sex among women. • In the UK, 3,500 students are suspended each year for sexual bullying. • A 10-week-old baby girl has died after her parents allegedly fed her half an ecstasy tablet. • Prenatal testing for genetic abnormalities may be linked to an increased risk of birthmarks. • An Illinois jeweler is selling senate seats. Sadly, the seats are 3/4-inch silver charms, and do not come with a free hairdo or hairbrush. • The Bush family's eighteen-year-old cat, India, died Sunday at the White House. •

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Her condition - which means that she also has two cervixes and two vaginas - halves the chance of fertilisation.

TWO VAGINAS?! How many holes does it have? Is that an immature question? Can she get pregnant in each uterus? Oh god I must know more!