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Marine-Turned-Underwear Heartthrob Propositioned on The Tonight Show

Alex Minsky — the Marine-turned-underwear model we sorta have a crush on — was pretty charming on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night, though clearly very nervous and fidgety (his mom was in the audience and he kept looking to her!). Leno asked him how he got sober and Minksy said, "I don't know. It wasn't my idea."


Minsky also talked about how, in addition to losing a leg when a roadside bomb exploded in Afghanistan, his jaw had been broken in four places. Later, when guest Whitney Cummings saw a picture of him modeling half-naked, she offered: "I could break my jaw in four places too." Guuuurrrrrl. Step off.


FYI, in case you haven't seen Minsky's hand tattoo:

Illustration for article titled Marine-Turned-Underwear Heartthrob Propositioned on emThe Tonight Show/em

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I'm sorta blind. Does the finger tattoo say "Sierra Mist"?