Marina Krim's Mommy Blog Pulled Off of Livejournal After Nanny Murder

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In the two days since Upper West Side nanny Yoselyn Ortega stabbed two of her young charges and herself, there's been a firestorm of responses to the tragedy: a critical eye on working mothers and a new misgiving for children's caregivers — one UWS nanny remarks, "Parents are looking at you as though you're responsible for what happened." Another weighs in: "I do think child care providers sometimes walk around with a lot of anger toward their employer... People ask them to do ridiculous things beyond the care of children. Then they get overworked and frustrated in the same way that a parent gets overworked."


Yesterday "Life With The Little Krim Kids," 50-year-old New York art teacher Marina Krim's account of travel, work, and raising her kids Leo, Lucia and Nessie in New York, was deleted by Krim and her husband. It was on this blog that Mrs. Krim lovingly detailed the clan's trip to the Dominican Republic to meet Ortega's family. Her last post on the blog was merely three hours before Ortega committed the murders, and it's pretty fucking heartbreaking:

"Leo speaks in the most adorable way possible," she wrote. "Firstly, he speaks super clearly, so you can understand every word is he is saying. And he does things like, "(I) want a fresh bagel" and "Dito (what he calls himself) wants cold milk" and most adorable of all, "No thank you" - he never uses "No" alone, it's always paired with "thank you."

Afterwards, the blog became a place for almost 400 people to leave their condolences and prayers for the Krim family until it was removed from the Internet, probably due to all the media scrutiny.

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It strikes me as odd (not bad) that a woman with a full time nanny wrote a mommy blog. It's like writing a blog on DIY decorating but having a full time interior designer actually do your decorating. And, no, she in no way deserved to have this happen to her, despite the fact that had she actually been a full time mom, this couldn't have happened.