Marie Claire Recommends Fruit Prints For Spring

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The weather today in New York is shitty — chilly and overcast and drizzly — which seems appropriate for a Monday. And no, the firmament won't be providing residents of the tri-state area with any particular reason to get out of bed in the morning and put on clean underwear for the rest of this week, either. But this technofabulous psychedeliprintamazing Marie Claire editorial with Tasha Tilberg is sure lifting my mood! Fruit prints! Stripes! Asymmetrical shit! Fashion, this is why I can't quit you.

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I suspect everyone with a more than casual interest in clothes has a couple of those models, the ones who got inside our heads and onto our bedroom walls at just the right time, so that even years later, their mere involvement in a lackluster spread spurs outsized positive feelings, and their inclusion in a great one, well. Ever since a certain Inez and Vinoodh spread in the September, 2001, issue of Vogue Paris, Tilberg's been one of those models, to me. (I kind of still want that denim jumper, and the attitude to match, and why not the mountaintop, besides.) I love that Marie Claire didn't even try to cover up her tattoos. (Tilberg told the Advocate last year she had more than 30.) As it happens the clothes really suit them! I love the hair, I love the makeup, I love the deranged sense of color. I love the pencil skirts and the stripes and the florals! This fashion spread is like having a shot of gin and an Adderall and sucking on sour Jujubes and reading, like, Terry Southern. By which I mean, it's kind of awesome. I can see this being highly influential in my ongoing one-woman campaign to control the weather by wearing progressively less clothing! Now, to find something fruitbowl-inspired at Ye Olde Second-Hand Shop.

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enthusiasmflail hearts MizJenkins

Tasha Tilberg is one of my very favourite models, too! Hiring her was one of the very best moves Cover Girl ever made, in my opinion. She seems like a very cool gal with a beauty all her own.