Marianne Williamson is FED UP With QAnon [UPDATED]

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New Age spiritual leader and former presidential candidate Marianne Williamson has a message for QAnon fans who think that Donald Trump is a light worker—please stop!


In an Instagram post, Williamson shared that it was “very disheartening to see how many people with phrases like ‘spiritual coaching’ after their name and lots of hearts and flowers all over their posts” now are “completely taken in by the right-wing authoritarian Trump/Q phenomenon.”

“I don’t know how it happened,” she continued, “but it’s supremely ironic that so many who never even bothered to take a deep look at anything political before have now been sucked into the darkest of dark holes and claim to have figured it all out at last.”

Sadly, it’s clear that Marianne does not read Jezebel. As I wrote about in September, the fact that so many wellness acolytes and devotees of spiritual healing have fully embraced the tenets of the QAnon conspiracy theory is no surprise. To quote myself, if I may:

It’s no surprise that wellness adherents—people who earnestly believe that there is a deeper truth out there, accessible to those who seek it out—would find an easy overlap with the ideas that animate QAnon. After all, the wellness industry has been built on questioning, often understandably, established science and the medical industry, successfully mainstreaming fringe ideas and providing easy solutions to complex problems.

Williamson has in the past supported some of the very ideas that drive some in the wellness world to start on the path towards QAnon—in particular, a form of vaccine skepticism, which is just one brief hop and a YouTube K-hole away from full-on anti-vaccine sentiment. An honest reckoning would, I think, require some engagement with the reasons why wellness communities, who have been primed for years with a flood of anti-vaccine ideology and exhortations to open their eyes, now find themselves confronting the spread of QAnon within their circles.


While Williamson didn’t acknowledge this in the lengthy caption to her Instagram post, she did rail against the “Q crowd” who are fixated on child sex trafficking. “If anything, anyone who truly cares about child abuse should care about Trump’s policy of separating children from their parents at the border and the fact that almost 600 children have not been reunited with their families,” she wrote.

Williamson wrote that her belated critique of the spread of QAnon-adjacent ideas within the world of spiritual healers and wellness fans may not do much, writing that her “saying these things just proves to the aforementioned crowd of my fellow citizens that I’m one of the ‘Deep State,’ another dangerous concept that does nothing but distract from the real and very serious political issues that confront us a country and as a global population.”


She added, “I hope you make it through to the other side.” Marianne, it’s time for some serious prayer and visualization!

Update (11/18/20, 10:37 a.m.): Marianne does in fact read Jezebel, and she sent us an email on Tuesday night that read: “No, I wasn’t late,” along with this link:


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South of Heaven

Gotta say, Williamson always struck me as the sort of wellness dork that would easily evolve into a Qanon dork. Points to her for at least having a minimal level of self-awareness.