Mariah, Why Are You Doing This?

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I often wonder lately why Mariah Carey is doing what she is doing with her “life” and career, but the question in the headline of this post refers to what Mariah is doing in the picture above, the cover of her new single with YG, “I Don’t,” which she previewed on the season finale of Mariah’s World. I don’t get it.

She looks like she chewed up some food and wants to show it to you before she swallows (real mature, Mariah!). Except, there is no food in her mouth, so...that’s even weirder and less mature.


She looks like a baby bird waiting for the mother bird to throw up in her mouth.

It appears to have rained since she and her driving companion, YG, opened the roof of their Rolls Royce. It looks like she was thirsty and wanted a sip of nature’s tap.

It looks like she’s practicing saying, “Aaaah,” to a doctor. You can never be too prepared.

Is she tired? Is she high? Is she singing? Is she dry? WHAT IS SHE???

YG does not seem particularly concerned, so I guess she’s fine???

Some Pig. Terrific. Radiant. Humble.

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there’s no one at the wheel? is this meant to be a metaphor for her life right now?

thats fair.