Mariah Carey Slammed By Activists For Taking 'Dictator Cash'

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Mariah Carey is being slammed by human rights activists for a concert she did for Angolan President José Eduardo dos Santos.


The Dec. 15 concert was part of a gala for the Angolan Red Cross, and was sponsored by Unitel, a mobile phone company which is owned by dos Santos' daughter. Coincidentally, she also happens to be president of the Angolan Red Cross.

The Human Rights Foundation says Mariah got more than $1 million for the performance and was in Angola long enough to perform two concerts, actually:

"Mariah Carey can't seem to get enough dictator cash, reportedly more than $1 million this time. Just five years ago she performed for the family of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi. Now, she goes from private performances to public displays of support and credibility for one of Africa's chief human rights violators and most corrupt tyrants," said HRF president Thor Halvorssen. "It is the sad spectacle of an international artist purchased by a ruthless police state to entertain and whitewash the father-daughter kleptocracy that has amassed billions in ill-gotten wealth while the majority of Angola lives on less than $2 a day," said Halvorssen.

In their brutal three-decade rule, the dos Santos family has exploited oil and diamond wealth to build total control over all branches of the government, the military, and the courts. Dos Santos has ordered the deaths of many politicians, journalists, and activists who protest his rule, yet has largely evaded external criticism.


Oh and do you remember that time when Mariah sang and later apologized for performing for Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi? (Seriously, Mariah, keep this link handy; it might be of use to you some day.)

Steve Harvey has been cleared of child abuse charges stemming from an incident with his 11-year-old son. Now, his ex-wife Mary Harvey is sitting in jail, facing contempt of court charges for leaking sealed facts about the case to the media:

As for the incident ... according to a police report — obtained by TMZ — Mary claims Steve got a phone call from the boy's school informing him his son lied about turning in homework. According to the kid, Steve hit him with a belt and then a paddle board — the kind used for hazing in fraternities.

According to the police report ... cops took photos of the boy's injuries, showing bruises on his buttocks and right thigh, as well as cuts on his leg. The police report says the boy told cops, the beating was so brutal he had trouble urinating for days.


Harvey's spokesperson told TMZ the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services investigated the matter and closed the case, finding the child did not appear to be at risk.

Last week, Harvey's popular daytime show featured a segment in which the comedian advised parents if their college student child wants to change majors, you should tell him or her "I'm beating your ass." He even led them in a chant.


Oh, what's that Target? You don't want to sell Beyonce's new album? LOL THATZ COOL, NBD. Bey is cool. She isn't mad. She's not going to make a scene about it. Except, you know, to maybe show up at your biggest competitor to go buy her album hahahaha

Following her big night out in NYC on Thursday — which included a Brooklyn show and album release party — the "XO" singer, 32, scurried off to Massachusetts and completely ambushed Walmart shoppers on Friday at 7 p.m.


US Weekly reports Bey even pushed her own cart down the aisle. SHE PUSHED HER OWN CART, Y'ALL. Plus, she left everyone in the store with a $50 Walmart gift card. Haters, promptly disperse to the left.

Geraldo Rivera is gross and stupid. So it should come as no surprise to you that he doesn't think anything Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson said should count as a homophobic slur. LOL OK GERALDO. [Daily News]


I am totally convinced the only reason Dennis Rodman keeps making trips to North Korea is because this is the only place where people still get excited about seeing Dennis Rodman.[USA Today]

Ryan O'Neal will get to keep a 1980 painting of the late actress Farrah Fawcett done by Andy Warhol. No decision yet in the ongoing battle between me and my cousin over who actually owns the Charlie's Angels coloring book we both shared in 1981. I drew in it first, OK? [NY Daily News]


After an onslaught of performers cancelled gigs at Sea World, the theme park is launching a series of ads to counteract claims made in the documentary Blackfish. [Hollywood Reporter]

Sorry, fans of bland action movie heroines with Southern accents that randomly slip in and out. Anna Paquin's Rogue won't be in X-Men: Days of Future Past. That's alright. We still have one more season to hate her on in True Blood. [Cineblend]


Martha Stewart threw some pretty good shade at Gwyneth Paltrow. Not bad, Martha. I give it 7.3/10. [Blabberazzi]

This is officially the most pointless celebrity news item I have ever covered. [Just Jared]


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Am I the only one annoyed that, of all stores she could go to... supporting Wal Mart? really? I could just be annoyed because any mention of Wal Mart makes me want to slap someone. But were there no local music stores that would carry her CD? I mean really.

(I may be projecting a ton because, locally, Wal Mart is trying to shit up my city.)