As a Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter, Margo Price’s outspoken country music has always stayed close to the genre’s retro roots. But on her new album, That’s How Rumors Get Started, she reimagines her sound as a heavy, ’70s-inspired rock record. “I kind of wanted to show people that I’m not some one-trick pony that sings country songs,” she told Jezebel. Here, Jezebel talks to Margo Price about the rising popularity of country influence in mainstream music, why she always wants to adapt, and how her personal life influenced her writing process.


Pop Culture Reporter, Jezebel

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Just listened to Margo’s new record. It’s fantastic. I might go buy the LP. The sound is rich. The guitar tones are fat. There’s a real drive to it. And it’s as well-written as you’d expect from her.