Photo: AP

Margaret Atwood did a weird interview with Variety on Tuesday in which she went off on a tangent for a while about she thinks Star Wars inspired the 9/11 attacks.

Toward the end of the interview, Variety reporter Ramin Setoodeh, asks The Handmaidā€™s Tale author for her thoughts on the womenā€™s marches and ā€œthis latest wave of activism,ā€ to which she gives an answer about the extent to which certain classics of speculative fiction were able to anticipate the future. She ends by saying, ā€œJust to give you a very creepy feeling, there was an opera of ā€œThe Handmaidā€™s Taleā€ that premiered in Denmark in 2000. It started with a film reel going across the top of the stage and showing various things blowing up. And one of the things that blew up was the Twin Towers. But it hadnā€™t blown up yet. They did the opera again, and they had to take it out, because it was no longer in the future. Does that give you a creepy feeling?ā€

This is the exchange that follows that one:

ā€œSetoodeh: Yes, it does.

Atwood: They didnā€™t get that idea from my opera, donā€™t worry. They got the idea from Star Wars.

S: Do you really believe that?

A: Remember the first one? Two guys fly a plane in the middle of something and blow that up? The only difference is, in Star Wars, they get away. Right after 9/11, they hired a bunch of Hollywood screenwriters to tell them how the story might go next. Sci-fi writers are very good at this stuff, anticipating future events. They donā€™t all come true, but there are interesting ā€˜what ifā€™ scenarios.ā€


Iā€™m not sure if youā€™d call this a conspiracy theory or what, but Iā€™m pretty sure Atwood thinks the concept of flying something into the middle of something else and then it explodes sprang from the fertile imagination of George Lucas exclusively.