Margaret Atwood Finds Kate Middleton's Style 'Uneventful'

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While a lot of fuss is made over Kate Middleton’s bouncy hair and seemingly endless stream of finely made outerwear, not everyone agrees that she’s a style icon. And among that “not everyone” is author Margaret Atwood.


“I think she dresses quite uneventfully,” Atwood said at the Victoria and Albert Museum during a Fashion and Fiction panel.

She continued:

“I think she’s watching her back. I think she probably has people who pretty much tell her what is appropriate for her to wear. I don’t think she’ll become the fashion plate that [Princess] Diana was, and I think she’s probably doing that advisedly, wouldn’t you say?”

Daaaaaang, Atwood flew all the way from Canada to England to call the Duchess of Cambridge baaaaaasic! POINT: CANADA.


JK. Atwood doesn’t actually care about Kate Middleton’s style: “To be honest with you, I haven’t paid that much attention,” she told the crowd. “But why would I, really? Too old.”

Not too old to be right.

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In defense of Kate’s basic-ness, I think there’s something refreshing that’s she’s the most famous women in the world, but she will just throw on the same old wrap dress silhouette and work with the same five designers. I also think the fact that she will recycle evening dresses even though she knows everyone is just waiting to goggle her in something new is a subtle kind of rebellion. Does anyone know who designs Will’s suits? No. Does anyone give a shit? No. I can only imagine Kate’s very safe style is mainly designed to make her life easier; if I knew a camera was on me every time I stepped outside, I would never wear anything but head to toe black. Kate has a uniform, it works for her. #movealongatwood