Margaret Atwood Finds Kate Middleton's Style 'Uneventful'

While a lot of fuss is made over Kate Middleton’s bouncy hair and seemingly endless stream of finely made outerwear, not everyone agrees that she’s a style icon. And among that “not everyone” is author Margaret Atwood.

“I think she dresses quite uneventfully,” Atwood said at the Victoria and Albert Museum during a Fashion and Fiction panel.


She continued:

“I think she’s watching her back. I think she probably has people who pretty much tell her what is appropriate for her to wear. I don’t think she’ll become the fashion plate that [Princess] Diana was, and I think she’s probably doing that advisedly, wouldn’t you say?”

Daaaaaang, Atwood flew all the way from Canada to England to call the Duchess of Cambridge baaaaaasic! POINT: CANADA.

JK. Atwood doesn’t actually care about Kate Middleton’s style: “To be honest with you, I haven’t paid that much attention,” she told the crowd. “But why would I, really? Too old.”

Not too old to be right.

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