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Marco Rubio Loves EDM and Nicki Minaj, Would Like Your Vote Now

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Newly-announced presidential hopeful Marco Rubio is like Barack Obama in many ways. Sure, he opposes Roe v. Wade and same-sex marriage, doesn’t believe humans are causing climate change, and would like to smash Obamacare to smithereens, but when it comes to lofty, experience-disguising rhetoric and hip, hip musical taste, Obama is basically his mentor!


Rubio has made many, many references to his favorite hip-hop artists (somebody loves Nicki!), and in a recent interview with TMZ, he made sure to let America know that EDM is up there, too. “Electronic music—I’ve gotten into a little with David Guetta, Axwell ^ Ingrosso, Swedish House Mafia, those guys,” Rubio told TMZ.

Unfortunately for Rubio, and for all the cool teens trying to roll at his rallies, the affection is not mutual: After he walked offstage at his presidential kickoff rally yesterday to the tune of “Something New” by his favorite band Axwell ^ Ingrosso, the duo made the following statement:

“Axwell ^ Ingrosso didn’t give their permission for this song to be used and don’t want to be affiliated with a particular party during the upcoming presidential race,” the band said in a statement on Tuesday.



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He’s just announced his pic for VP. Ansel Elgort.