March Madness: Sweet Sixteen Tastes Sour For Pie And Cake Losers

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The latest matches ended on a brutal note: #1 seeds Apple Pie and Birthday Cake trounced the competition in their respective categories, guaranteeing them a slot in the Elite Eight. But there's more proud, tasty warriors vying for that honor.


[The original bracket and tournament guidelines are available here.]

Today's competition will likely be intense — at least in the Cake Conference, where #4 German Chocolate Cake and #5 Coffee Cake tempt fate. Vegas has the odds even on this one; both cakes are standing on death's door — but only one will get a date with the Grim Reaper. Meanwhile, at the PieDome, #4 Pumpkin takes on #12 Boston Cream.

Voting below; be sure to cast ballots in both competitions. Polls will remain open until 3/30, 1:55pm EDT.



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An aside to those of us who watched our beloved pecan get trounced... here is some small solace for you:[]

My Christmas version - shown - featured an experimental addition of crushed red-hots into the caramel which is poured over the lattice crust before baking, guaranteeing the most beautiful crust you've ever seen. The caramel oozes into the pie, sweetening - without overpowering - tart Granny Smith apples, and honestly, if THIS apple pie was the one we're talking about.. even "I" would've voted for it over pecan.