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March Madness: Pie Vs. Cake Sweet Sixteen

Illustration for article titled March Madness: Pie Vs. Cake Sweet Sixteen

Yesterday's tournament was a spank-a-thon (in the violent sense, not the masturbatory sense): Ice Cream Cake walked all over poor Spice while Cheesecake bent Brown Sugar over its creamy knee. Alas, alack. But! It's time for the SWEETEST SIXTEEN!


Behold, above, the eight pies and eight cakes that are proceeding down the road to glory. Wherever your allegiances lie, tip your hat to them all. They are each delicious in their own way, and deserving of your respect.

[The original bracket and tournament guidelines are available here.]


As the playing field is continually, ruthlessly narrowed, we expect intense matches, brutal defeats, and narrow victories. Will that happen today? Let us see! In the Cake Conference, #9 seed Pound Cake (thriving after a memorable Angel Food Cake upset) moves forward, facing the #1 seed, Birthday Cake (a competitor that is as vague as it is beloved). In the Pie Conference, #1 seed Apple goes head-to-head with #8 seed Pecan.

Will Pecan stare Apple in the eye and live in infamy? Will the simple pleasures of Pound Cake trump the complexity of Birthday Cake? Wring your hands, place your bets, and vote now! Be sure to vote in both conferences; polls close 3/27 at 1:55pm EDT.


(And, out of curiosity, how are your brackets doing? Anyone holding strong in the office pool?)

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Jenna Sauers

Pound of eggs, pound of flour, pound of sugar, pound of butter = four pounds of awesome decadence, baked into cake form.

Mmmh. With a pinch of lemon zest for emphasis.