We’ve reached the final matchups for this year’s March Madness, and I have to say, I knew Judy Sheindlin was a hard worker, but I had no idea she hustled this hard.

Of course, the seed she beat (Top Chef, 15) was a real Cinderella story, coming from the very bottom and crawling its way to the top. Other guys we lost after the Elite Eight: No Contact With The Outside World (4), Sleeping With Your Coworkers (7) and top seed Splitting The Check At A Group Birthday Dinner (1). Life is full of tragedies, but the arbiters of what real shit has stuck with us and will continue to have made their calls.

Our final division battles are, in the Reality TV category:

Judge Judy (8) vs. Not Being Here To Make Friends (3).


And in the Reality category:

Ordering In (5) vs. Seeing Someone Naked For The First Time (3).


You have 24 hours to vote. This final showdown will be rough.

Illustration by Jim Cooke.