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March Madness, Day 6: A Pie Upset, And The Last Match Of Round 1

Illustration for article titled March Madness, Day 6: A Pie Upset, And The Last Match Of Round 1

In what will be remembered as a match for the ages, French Silk Pie just defied the odds, squeaking out a win over Cherry. It was a very close match. But the Sweet Sixteen is just around the corner!


[The original bracket and tournament guidelines are available here.]


But let us not move forward without giving the Cake Conference recognition where it is due: Carrot Cake, perhaps because of its cream-cheese frosting factor, took down Black Forest. A sad day for chocolate lovers everywhere.

And now, the FINAL MATCHUP of our the tournament's first round! #2-seeded Ice Cream is chomping at the bit to take down #15 Spice in the Cake Conference; meanwhile, #15 Brown Sugar Pie will face #2 Cheesecake (which is a pie, end of discussion).

Will any Davids conquer these Goliaths? Cast your vote in both showdowns — polls close 3/26 at 1:55pm EDT. The road to glory is paved with sugar!


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meritxell: an erotic life

Well I'm voting in everything (I am a patriot) but begrudgingly. I have issues and you're gonna hear them:

1) I kind of feel that if this ends up being a showdown between, say, ice cream cake and cheesecake, that's not really representative of cake v. pie as a whole. It's like, when you think of birds, do you think sparrow or flamingo? Ice cream cake, you're basically taking all the CAKE part out and replacing it with ice cream. If you want ice cream and a pastry, get some pie a la mode. Cheesecake? Yeah it has a crust so I guess it's technically a pie, the way that an ostrich is technically a bird, but a sparrow is like the archetypal bird.

2) I'm also bitter that carrot cake won over black forest and I don't even like black forest (it is a lesser chocolate cake, better than the ABOMINATION that is German but still mediocre). I say keep your fruits and vegetables out of cake! They have a place in pie. But not cake! Shenanigans, I'm calling them!