March Madness, Day 5: Cake Conference Keeps Playing It Safe

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As we head into the final stretch of the first round of our epic Pie Vs. Cake tournament, we couldn't help but notice that the Cakes are playing it very safe. What gives? Are cakes simply that obvious?


[The original bracket and tournament guidelines are available here.]


While it speaks well to the Selection Committee's seeding skills, we're still a bit dismayed to see that there's not yet been a single upset in the Cake Conference (whereas, in Pies, there's been at least one: Boston Cream over Peanut Butter). But yesterday's competition was, alas, predictable: Red Velvet Cake decimated Coconut, and Key Lime Pie took down Sweet Potato. Pour one out for your homies.

Perhaps today's competition will shake things up a bit for the Cakes, with #7 Carrot taking on #10 Black Forest. But who can say! Meanwhile, in the Pie Conference, #7 Cherry faces off with #10 French Silk. Be sure to vote in both matchups — and after you're done, enjoy a special video treat at the bottom.


And now, for your absurdist pleasure:

(With apologies to Team Pie.)

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Ok ladies, I'm in a pickle.

True black forest cake—as in, the kind from Germany—is usually made with booze (kirschwasser). Cake + liquor = awesome. Sadly, American black forest cake is not made with juice. Plus, I think the maraschino cherries are gross.

I like carrot cake, but only if it is made without raisins. I hate, hate, hate raisins.

How do I vote?