80s vs. 90s March Madness barrels along with Valley girls knocking perms out of the running in the 80s bracket and Game Boys taking it on like Donkey Kong to defeat 90210 on the 90s side of the tracks, which reminds me โ€” are you guys fucking serious? Game Boy over 90210? Despite my disappointment in you, the competition continues. Onward!

Today in the 80s conference, it's a childhood paradise with the so-ugly-they're-cute Cabbage Patch Kids facing off with the psychedelic, neon animal zoo of Lisa Frank. What's it gonna be? The baby doll that came with a tattooed ass and a birth certificate or the iconic artwork that made back-to-school supply shopping slightly less of a drag?

It's a stiff competition over in the 90s stadium with the haircut that launched a thousand other haircuts versus the pants (or lack there of) that shook a generation. Hard to decide what's more important โ€” a fair share of us probably had the Rachel, but is it even possible to vote against Prince and his assless chaps?