Marc Jacobs' Fall Fashion Video Stars Missy Elliott, Cara Delevingne, Courtney Love & More

Image via screenshot
Image via screenshot

Sissy Spacek, Susan Sarandon, Marilyn Manson, St. Vincent, Genesis P-Orridge and more also star in this fall Marc Jacobs ad directed by Hype Williams, cast in Hype’s signature blue-lighted, ethereal excess. The style is seamless with Jacobs’s Fall 2016 collection, ghoulish and excessive luxury amplified through the lens of goth, all given a jewel tone through the overcast sheen of various lighting gels. (It could have also used a fisheye lens or two, in my personal opinion.) Halfway through, the designer himself appears, wearing utterly sculpted finger waves.


“In my mind, there is some kind of ­nonlinear connection between all of these people,” Jacobs told Billboard, which debuted the video in tandem with their Jacobs/St. Vincent cover. “They’re not one thing. They’re connected because you felt within a certain moment that all these things belong together. There is no rule like, ‘That doesn’t make sense with that.’ It does if you say so.”

More interesting in the Billboard story, though, is the way Williams described how he captured each model in the making of this video, and specifically the soundtracks he played:

While shooting the video, he blasted The Prodigy for Clark. For Keiji Haino, the Japanese artist? “No music,” says Williams. “I had to use that, his silence.” Love only wanted to listen to her own songs; Manson “brought it” with Jay Z, even though he only ­listened to Justin Timberlake while ­prepping. “All of the hair and makeup ladies [said they] were ­fanning ­themselves, like, ‘That is the sexiest guy I’ve ever met,’ “ says Clark of Manson.

Can you imagine Marilyn Manson getting beautiful with a glam squad while listening to freaking “Suit & Tie”? It’s not the incongruity—it’s 2016, everyone listens to everything—it’s that damn, we’re all getting older every single day. Leave it to a Marc Jacobs advert to have you questioning your mortality!


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