Maple Syrup Thief Gets 5 Years in Prison, $1.2 Million Fine


Canada’s saga of syrup stolen from its maple syrup reserve has concluded with stiff penalties for an accused perpetrator who pled guilty: Avik Caron has been sentenced five years in the slammer and to pay $1.2 million for his part in the caper. Let that be a lesson to anyone considering meddling with our Northern neighbors’ most famous industry.

That’s according to the National Post. “The Court regards this matter as the perfect illustration of the maxim, ‘Opportunity makes the thief,’” said Quebec Court Judge Jacques Lacoursière as he issued his verdict. Caron’s heist got (barrel) rolling when the Quebec Maple Syrup Producers rented a warehouse partially owned by his wife. To be fair, hot maple syrup is probably way easier to unload than, say, stolen art.

Caron was apparently pissed about how his case unfolded:

Caron, who pleaded guilty in January to charges of theft and trafficking related to the disappearance of maple syrup worth $18.7 million, exploded with anger when he heard the stiff sentence.
According to a report in Le Nouvelliste, he said he had been misled into pleading guilty by his defence lawyer and demanded that he be granted a trial. When the judge refused, Caron swore at him, banged on a door in the prisoner’s box and tussled with a guard who tried to restrain him, the newspaper reported.

Good pitch for when they decide to cross Ocean’s Eleven with Muppet Babies, though.

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