Manly Men Pitch Manly Ads In Funny Or Die Video

Jet planes! Pizza karate-kicking the Statue of Liberty in the tits! All in a day's work for the latter-day Mad Men crafting TV's dick-swinging ads, per Funny or Die.


Manly Men's Ads - watch more funny videos

There are some gems of bro-speak one-upmanship here: "You're giving my ear a boner!" "If this sandwich were a woman I'd get it to fuck you right now!"


But all jokes aside, watching these two demographically identical dudes whip each other into a homoerotic frenzy, it's easy to believe that this is how it happens. Next up: the brainstorming team for lady products. Which, um, also features a room full of guys, more often than not.

Manly Men's Ads [Funny Or Die]

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Pizza is far more athletic than I would have thought. Fascinating.