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Man Who Scheduled Six Dates in One Night Says They Were Not Really Dates

Image via YouTube
Image via YouTube

Earlier this week a man named Justin took a gal named Lisette out for a date in Washington, DC and the couple fell happily in love! Just kidding; Justin ended up scheduling six dates for the same night and all the women ran into one another, ultimately ditched Justin, and became friends.


The story seemed unbelievable to me the first time I read about it in a viral tweet-thread (you can never trust those.) But now the women are basically doing a press tour about the story confirming its legitimacy and have already been on Good Morning America and MTV among others telling their sordid tale of a loser named Justin.


But the women aren’t the only ones who are speaking out about their crazy night. Justin, the man that started it all, has also been talking to the press. He even sat down with Inside Edition after asking them not to use his real last name (which I think is funny because it means he doesn’t think people won’t figure out who he really is). And Justin, who told Lisette originally that he had set up so many dates because he’s a “project manager” (sexy!), clearly has very specific criteria for what a date is.

“I never said let’s go on a date, I always say let’s meet for drinks,” he says, referring to what he set-up that night as a series of “preliminary conversations.” “If I take you on a date, you’ll know it’s a date. There will be flowers and dinner and some other cool thing involved.”

I wonder if the “cool thing” is respect for women and their time?

Pop Culture Reporter, Jezebel

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