Man Takes a Piss, Gets His Penis Bitten By Scary Lurking Toilet Snake

I guess the snake never carpooled to high school with a slightly older snake who informed it knowingly, over the chorus of Sublime's "What I Got," to "act like you're totally into it and NEVER use your teeth. Oh and this is sooo awkward but you owe me gas money."

The Daily Mail — a.k.a. The Quibbler, the Harry Potterverse tabloid run by Luna Lovegood's weird dad — reports that a 35-year-old northern Israeli man was rushed to a nearby hospital after he went to the toilet to pee and a snake emerged from inside the toilet to bite him. The snake wasn't venomous, fortunately, and the guy felt well enough to joke with paramedics on the scene.

One of the paramedics said the man told him he has seen the snake and it was very small.


That feels like kind of a backhanded burn.

'Israeli man's penis bitten by a snake when he went to relieve himself' [Daily Mail]


Image via Bogomaz/Shutterstock

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