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Man Responsible For Golden Girls Theme Passes Away

Andrew Gold, whose work includes "Thank You For Being A Friend," "Lonely Boy," and 70s singles "Do Wah Diddy" and "Never Let Her Slip Away," passed away on Friday of a heart attack. He was 59. Fun facts: he collaborated with Art Garfunkel on "I Only Have Eyes For You" and his cover of the Mad About You theme was the wake-up song of choice for one of NASA's Mars Pathfinders.


[Via TDW, People]

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This guy was saturated in music from the day he was born. His mom was Marni Nixon who sang for the female leads in West Side Story, My Fair Lady and The King and I. His dad won an Oscar for scoring a movie in 1960.

His obituary [] includes an interesting story how he first met then worked with Linda Ronstadt.