Man Reportedly Orders Peacock, Pig, and Giant Salamander in Drunken Online Shopping Spree

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It’s been a big year for narcoleptic and drunk shopping sprees. Ottessa Moshfegh fictionalized the phenomenon in her novel My Year of Rest and Relaxation. Ben Carson bought a $30,000 table (for “safety reasons,” haha not likely). And, in China, a man allegedly bought a peacock, a pig, and a giant salamander while hammered.


According to Newsweek, the man says he originally went online, innocently enough, to purchases clothes during China’s Singles’ Day, a designated commerce frenzy akin to Black Friday. This attempt went terribly wrong:

“In the early hours of yesterday morning, when I was drunk, I clicked on Taobao and started shopping … All along I thought I had only bought two sets of clothes,” the unnamed man wrote Monday on WeChat. “I suddenly remembered to look up the delivery date of my clothes, and realized I had also bought a pig and a peacock.”

In another post, the man explained he’d ordered the giant salamander separately on the website The man relayed his experience in a social media post that has been shared more than 22,000 times. He attached screenshots of the animals he’d ordered. The story was first reported on by the South China Morning Post.

 CNET reported that the “extremely adorable Thai mini pig” cost him $40 and the peacock was $56 (that includes shipping and seems low!). The three-kilogram salamander cost him $41. This is like how commercials for mattress companies and Raymour & Flanigan say things like “don’t sleep on this deal!” Except you can and you’ll still wind up with a shockingly inexpensive peacock.

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