Man Presents Himself as a Cupcake on Tinder, Drives the Ladies Wild

Now I know we ladies love our cupcakes and everything, but it never occurred to me that some would go so far as to sext one.

Lee Breslouer from the Thrillist took it upon himself to create the most irresistible Tinder profile, but he definitely didn't expect his choice to pose as a cupcake would be such a hit. Breslouer reinvented himself as Connor Cupcake, a hunky carrot cake baked good with cream cheese frosting who just wanted to have a good time. And apparently the ladies were clamoring to show him one because things got pretty hot, pretty quick. (Warning: sexy cupcake talk ahead.)


Breslouer claims he was wooed far more times as a Tinder cupcake than he was as himself on any other dating site he's tried. I don't know what lesson to take from this adventure, but he seems to have figured it out, telling Buzzfeed:

The other thing I learned is that being yourself on a dating site is the best way to attract others. If you're a cupcake, act like a goddamn cupcake. Every woman on there engaged with me because I was so fucking cupcake-y.

Honestly, I kind of hope this leads to a trend of food Tinder accounts all talking dirty to each other. It almost seems like the natural progression of Tinder's purpose.

Lead image via Getty. Image via Thrillist.

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