Man Pees On 11-Year-Old Girl During Flight From Hell

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No matter what happens on your next flight, you should consider yourself lucky if you don't wind up covered in a stranger's bodily fluids. Yesterday during a flight from Portland, Oregon to New York, a father left his 11-year-old daughter in her seat while he took his other daughter to the bathroom. When he returned, he found 18-year-old Robert Vietze peeing on the girl. Vietze had consumed eight drinks on the plane and later told police, "I was drunk, and I did not realize I was pissing on her leg." The two men nearly came to blows and had to be separated.

As if the flight wasn't exciting enough, an hour before landing a passenger complained of chest pains and vomited on himself. The flight attendants tried to clean everyone up with liquid soap from the bathrooms (which probably only made them smelly and gooey) and the pilot warned passengers that police would be meeting the plane at the gate. The sick man was escorted off the plane and Vietze was issued a summons for indecent exposure.

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Gobi Todic

Last year, when I flew home for Christmas, I had a heart 'episode' (IE, undiagnosed heart problem that no one on earth seems to be able to identify). For the last 15 minutes of the flight, I was gasping for air, sobbing, and clutching my chest while barely able to hold myself upright. People around me saw what was going on (made eye contact) but no one alerted a flight attendant. Not that it would have done me much good—when I tried to flag a flight attendant, she kept right on moving. Flight attendants gotta hustle those drinks, yo! It's way more important than the chick who is nearly clawing the skin off her chest because she's in so much pain.

As soon as we landed, I whipped out my cell phone and called my mom (who is aware of these issues I have about 1-3x a year) and when I was finally able to speak and tell her I needed her to get me at the gate, her response was:

"Oh my god, did someone molest you? DID SOMEONE SHOW YOU THEIR PENIS?"

Is air plane molestation/flashing a THING? I guess she had been reading some celebrity's autobiography that night and it mentioned a plane molestation and I scared the shit out of her when I called in tears.

In summation: Dear guy who puked: I feel your pain.