Man Obsessively Writing Love Letters to Kendall Jenner Ordered to Stop and Stay Away

Photo: AP
Photo: AP

Kendall Jenner’s lawyer Shawn Holley was in court today to present a declaration from Jenner’s head of security, which was apparently enough to convince the judge to grant Jenner a permanent restraining order against a fan who’s been writing her copious love letters since February.


To comply with the restraining order, the accused, Thomas Hummel, must stay at least 100 yards away from Jenner and is barred from trying to contact her in any way for three years. During this time, Hummel will not be allowed to own any guns.

According to an earlier TMZ report, from July, Hummel’s letters started out as loving and affectionate, but quickly turned angry, enough to frighten Jenner apparently.


Julia Stiles couldn’t resist showing you, and me, and everyone, her baby bump! Stiles’ rep confirmed in June that she and her fiancé, Preston J. Cook, a camera assistant she met on the set of her 2015 film Blackway, are expecting their first child.


Jaden Smith’s environmentally conscious bottled-water start-up is accusing eggless-mayo start-up Hampton Creek of violating their trademark agreement for using the word “just” to sell their condiment, “Just Mayo.” Hearing this story just makes me want to drink Hellmann’s mayo through an environmentally comatose straw, and I can write that because I never signed a trademark agreement with Jaden Smith, thank god.


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In other egregious celebrity product development news, Justin Bieber and his stylist Kara Welch are selling Haynes T-shirts for $30. Now you may remark that exponentially augmenting the price tag of the plain white T is a time-honored celebrity tradition, and you wouldn’t be wrong! But this one’s different, it’s actually a Haines T-shirt that Welch claims she reworked to make it a little longer and bigger. The inspiration came about when Bieber asked her to get him some T-shirts. “He was so fearless,” Welch told Vogue, “[He said], ‘I want T-shirts that are long,’ and they literally don’t exist in the marketplace.” Yes they do.



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"A Dress" -Calvin Klein

I “met” Julia Stiles at a super dive bar in the east village once, around a dozen years ago. I yelled at her for putting her coat on the booth I was waiting to claim. She was so freaking nice! I apologized (as I would have done with anyone) and she was totally cool with my crazy drunkenness at 21 years old. I’m usually not crazy about things, but I really needed a seat. Anyway- That’s my “nice celeb story” for the night. Congrats Julia! Will never, ever turn off “10 Things I Hate About You” if it comes on tv.