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It’s the season of music festivals, plein air drug markets with bands. But go easy on the hippies. Tennessee’s Bonnaroo Music Festival habitually has drug-related deaths–at least 13 since a 22-year-old reportedly intoxicated man was run over and killed while trying to cross the highway last year.

And, of course, the mass arrests. But even for Bonnaroo, this is a weird one: this year, The Tennessean reports, 45-year-old David E. Brady told police that he was “doing God’s work” by attempting to sell “over 1,000” fake drugs including fake pills, hits of acid, bags of cocaine, and black tar heroin. Whether “God’s work” means selling poison to kids, saving kids by selling them nothing, or just the old oregano-in-the-sandwich-bag trick has yet to be reported. Police found that Brady is wanted in Arkansas on a felony bench warrant, and he is now jailed on a $120,000 bond.