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Man Fakes Beating To Score Oprah Tickets

Illustration for article titled Man Fakes Beating To Score Oprah Tickets

Robert Spearing of Ontario, Canada was so passionate about getting tickets to the taping of Oprah's "Farewell Spectacular" on Tuesday night that he concocted a story about his tickets being stolen, and even injured himself to make it look like he'd been in a tussle. Spearing told police that he had been beaten and robbed by two people, but later admitted he scraped his hands on the sidewalk and used a rock to make a cut on his forehead because he didn't want his wife to be mad at him for failing to score tickets. If Spearing plays his cards right, maybe Dr. Phil will invite him on his show to be the victim of one of his folksy, nonsensical admonishments.


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Good job, Spearing. I hope you're happy now. Now Oprah is going to dedicate the last two shows to giving him a stern talking to a la James Frey, cheating us out of a final FAVORITE THINGS finale!!!