Man Dressed as a Serial Killer Walked Into a Halloween Party and Shot Five People

Image via New Line Cinema
Image via New Line Cinema

According to horrifying reports, five people were shot at a Halloween party in Texas after a man dressed as Freddy Kreuger walked into the house and opened fire.

San Antonio’s KENS5 news reports the incident began around 5 am on Sunday morning when several men showed up uninvited to a house party “and started causing trouble” inside. Authorities told Fox the homeowners asked them to leave, and one of the men, who was reportedly dressed as the movie killer, pulled out a shotgun and fired into the crowd.

Fox reports one neighbor says she heard six or seven shots and called 911.

“It woke me up in the middle of the night,” another neighbor, William Warren, told KSAT 12. “I heard a bunch of yelling and screaming and hollering. … Next thing I know I heard a couple of shots and then four of five shots after that and I could see the flashes and everything.”


Four men and one woman were ultimately hit. The woman apparently tried to drive herself to the hospital but crashed her car on the way and had to be transported by an ambulance. All five victims are now currently recovering at area hospitals.

Police are searching for the suspects, who are now likely dressed up in an even more bone chilling costume as everyday normal people.

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My friend’s twin babies died on Friday. I keep seeing all this fun Halloween stuff and bullshit email server stuff and thinking how weird it is that life everywhere else in the world just goes on as normal, and then I see this story, which is comforting to me in a Bizarro-World way, because it matches the horror we’ve been walking around with the last few days.